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Brent Nixon, The World of Humpback Whales 7:00pm

Albert Einstein once said… “look deep into Nature and you will find the answer to everything!”

Brent Nixon has spent a lifetime doing just that. The exploration and experiences have been magical, frightening, revealing, and dramatic. He has a lifetime of learning about people, nature, our planet and the resources we so often take for granted in our day to day lives. Stories develop. Fascinating stories told by the animals and habitat they live in. It took him years to understand what was being said. It took even longer to translate it into words and images that made sense to people. It is at that point that he became an interpretive marine research naturalist.

He will present an in depth look at the world of the humpback whale from their time in the breeding waters of the sub-tropics to their active feeding efforts in the cold waters of the high latitudes. Physiology and behavioral aspects of the humpback are woven into a fast paced story about this endangered (but, now recovering) species.