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Cirque 1 940 X 350

Cirque Montage

Cirque Montage is a show of daring and skills that defies the perception of what is impossible. Strength, flexibility and technique foster a deep appreciation for the human body. The acts weave together in a 90-minute collage of traditional cutting edge circus arts. Comedy appears in the form of a Ringmaster, a wisecracking flamboyant candid emcee who demonstrates his passion to become a movie director. Raven, a red featherless dancing bird shadows the Ringmaster in her search for Fame. Cirque Montage features lizard leaping pole climbers, a mind-boggling contortionist perched on canes,  A Cyr wheel performer inside a ring like a human spoke, an aerialists on silks, and a bombastic juggler—trilling like Charo and dancing on the stage as if he’s in the last round of a marathon.  By the end of this roller coaster ride sprinkled with laughs, awe, and interaction, the Ringmaster will finally get to make his movie and Raven ultimately gets to take the spotlight.