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It Takes a Village – The Hungry Kids Project

A vaudeville show with cabaret overtones, featuring fabulous entertainers you are certain to recognize.

No More Hungry Kids

Approximately 40% of families in the Prescott Unified School District (PUSD) qualify for the Federal School Lunch program which provides free or reduced breakfast and lunch five days a week during the school year.  In the Humboldt Unified School District (HUSD) it is 65%; in Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD), 71% qualify. But they aren’t provided with meals on the weekends.

So, Ron Barnes began the Hungry Kids Project in 2010 in PUSD and HUSD. Ron is Coordinator of the PUSD Hungry Kids (HK) Project and former Prescott Valley Mayor Carm Staker coordinates the HUSD HK Project. Becky Davis is the Coordinator of the CVUSD HK project, which started in 2012.

After children are identified by the school nurse, parents are asked for their written consent before food is sent home. Teams of adults in each school district pack food at the end of the week to give to those K-12 children who need assistance.

Each weekly package receives the identical allocation of food, designed by the district’s Director of Nutrition.  The package may contain items such as:

  • fresh oranges, apples, several bags of vegetables, juices and milk
  • raisins
  • spaghetti
  • ravioli
  • macaroni and cheese
  • assorted canned vegetables
  • ramen
  • canned beans
  • crackers
  • peanut butter

Each weekend package of food costs about $5.50, which the PUSD Food Service provides at cost. In the other districts, volunteers purchase food at local grocery stores, using all the coupons they can get!

All donated money received is used to purchase food, no tax dollars are used. Approximately 460 children are taking food home each weekend.

  • Prescott – 125 children
  • Prescott Valley – 85
  • Chino Valley -150
  • Dewey Humboldt -100

An estimated 150-200 more youngsters need weekend food, but there are not enough funds available to add them to the list at this time.